This type of delivery is balled slower than the deliveries bowled by pacers, but when the ball is released, it turns after bouncing and confuses the batsman. Hence, they are called spinners.

Now let’s see the deliveries bowled by spinners

Leg & Off Break

Remember Shane Warne’s Ball of the Century? The bowler bowls from over the wicket and pitches the ball a little outside leg stump only for the ball to spin and knock over batsman’s off stump. This leg break and off break is exactly opposite. Shane Warne is the best player ever to have bowled this delivery.


Googly is also called the wrong turn. And as the name suggests, Googly is the spin in the ‘wrong’ direction for the leg spinner. Unlike standard leg-break delivery, the Googly spins from off the leg, going into the right-handed batsman. Unlike off-break delivery, the bowler uses his wrist to generate a sharp turn for the googly. This is only bowled by leg spinners. Rashid Khan is a famous bowler for this delivery.


Doosra is just like googly except it is bowled by off spinners.The ball turns in the wrong direction which is offside , this confuses the batsman. Harbajan Singh is a famous player for this delivery.

Top Spinner

This delivery is bowled by both leg and off spinner, this is a loopy delivery.This ball is bowled by releasing the ball from the top of your fingers and bowled a little shorter of the pitch. Adam Zampa is a famous bowler for this delivery.

Carrom Ball

Carrom ball is more about holding the ball in a particular way and releasing it than anything else. The ball is held with thumb, index and middle finger and unlike regular deliveries, it is released by flicking the fingers as a carom player does with the striker. Ravichandran Ashwin is famous player for this delivery.


The exact opposite of the top spin, a slider is bowled with bowler’s fingers rolled down the back of the ball, mixing both side spin and backspin. And unlike the topspin delivery, a slider is pitched a little fuller and bounces less than expected. Kuldeep Yadav is a famous player for this delivery.

Arm Ball

Arm ball is the off spinner’s variation of the slider where the bowler decides to bowl straight instead of spinning the ball in any direction. Ravindra Jadeja ia a famous bowler for this delivery.