Ground Fielding

There are two types of Ground Fielding

  • Attacking Fielding
  • Defensive Fielding

Attacking Fielding

Attacking fielding is done inside the thirty yard circle to stop the batsman from taking a single. In this the fielder pounces upon the ball and throws it to the striker’s or non striker’s end in attempt to get the batsman run out. Jonty Rhodes was the best fielder in the 30 yard circle.

Defensive Fielding

Defensive fielding is done outside the thirty-yard circle to stop the ball from reaching the boundary. In this, the fielder doesn’t need to pounce on the ball but just stop it from reaching the boundary because the batsman would already have taken a single so we can’t prevent the single but we can prevent the four and also if you try to do attacking fielding outside the thirty-yard circle there are a lot of chances of misfielding which can even cost your team a match. You just have to get down on your knees and field the ball just ahead of your foot, so even if you misfield your leg can stop the ball from boundary. Suresh Raina was a famous player for this type of fielding.