Pace bowler is also called fast bowler, fast bowler has the ability to bowl the ball at a certain amount of pace, there are 2 types of bowlers one is pace while the other is spin bowler. People who bowl pace are usually known as quicks or pacemen .In pace bowling you can either be a swinger or a pacer ,a swinger has the ability to make the bowl turn/swing with pace. Swing bowling is tricky and helpful to get the batsman out. Normal pace bowlers are usually faster in bowling then the swing bowlers and their pace can sometimes be unpredictable which can get the batsman out.

Now let’s see the type of deliveries bowled by Pacers


Bouncer is one of the most lethal deliveries in cricket. To bowl a bouncer you need to pitch the bowl at short length and the ball gets a good height and can even reachable the batsman’s head. This delivery is can be very dangerous so the ICC has made certain rules for this delivery. Now ,the bowler is allowed to bowl maximum 2 bouncers an over. Jofra Archer is a famous bowler for this delivery.


An out swinger is perfect delivery to get the right-handed batsman out in the test cricket. A perfectly pitched ball on the good length at the fourth stump going away from the right-hander towards the slip fielders and then you just have to wait for the batsman to give the slightest edge and then the bowl should easily be carried by keeper. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a famous bowler for this delivery


Left-arm bowler running in to bowl to a right-handed batsman around the wicket, the angle is already there and boom The bowler swings one in! If the batsman decides to look back, he is likely to see the timber all over the place. Mitchell Starc is famous for this delivery.

Reverse Swing

Both inswinger and outswinger are very useful in the first 10-15 overs but after that it is very tough to swing the ball in either of the directions. But after 35-40 overs the ball starts to swing according to the seam this is called reverse swing. Mohammed Shami is a famous player for this delivery.


Yorkers are difficult to master but if executed perfectly it can be an game changer. But if you make a slight mistake and the batman will be ready to toss your full toss delivery out of the park.And if bowled perfectly it will knock off the batsman’s stump. Jasprit Bumrah is a famous player for this delivery.

Slower Ball

The addition to fast bowler’s arsenal due to the introduction of T20 – the slower ball. Just a stock delivery bowled at a much slower speed than normal fast bowler’s pace. These deliveries deceive the batsman, and they mostly end up playing the ball too early and missing or hitting up high in the air for a simple catch. Dwayne Bravo is a famous player for this delivery.