While fielding the ball is an important part of the game so is catching the ball. My sir always told me “A catch can cost you a match” which means a catch can decide if your team will win or lose because if you drop a catch it can turn out to be very costly for your team. That’s why you need to catch the ball perfectly.

Here are the steps to catch the ball perfectly

Don’t be to close to the ball neither too far

Never stop looking at the ball

Always catch the ball at your eye level

Keep your arms and legs a little loose so you can take the pressure of the ball

Form a cup shape from your hands to catch the ball

When you catch the ball make sure you grip it tight so it won’t bounce out of your hand and bring the ball close to your body for extra protection.

There are two ways of ball catching –

  • Parallel Catch
  • High Catch

Parallel Catch

This type of catch is done when the ball comes at your stomach/chest height. In this fielding you have to make the cup with your hands but your hands should be facing straight. You have to keep your hands and knees bended to absorb the pressure and catch the ball.

High Catch

This catch is done when the ball goes very high in the air. In this also you have to make a cup and catch the ball at your eye level. If you don’t catch the ball at your eye level there are more chances that you can drop the catch. You never stop looking at the ball no matter how high it goes. While doing this type of catch you have to keep your eye on the ball and two fielders may even collide, to prevent this while taking the catch you should shout out “MINE!!”.