Before you start your batting you have to be ready in a proper position. You have to make a line in the crease which is in the line of the leg stump known as leg guard. Stand on the leg guard and keep your knees just a slightly bent. Hold your bat with your both hands, if you are a right hander your right hand has to be below your left hand and opposite for left handers. Your non-dominant arm should be facing towards the bowler, your head should be straight and always look at the ball. You have to tap your bat on the ground right behind your toes.


After taking the stance you have to be ready by taking your bat a bit in the air and pointing it right towards the second-slip. The bat should stay vertical while taking the BACKLIFT.


Now that you are ready with the stance and backlift you have to play the shot. Depending upon the line and length of the ball you have to decide which shot to play. If the ball is pitched at full length you can go to play a front foot shot, or if the ball is pitched slightly shorter you can go for back foot shots. For more information about shots got to the shots page in the batting menu.