Should Mankad be allowed? Or not?

Today we will discuss if Mankad should be allowed in cricket. For those who don not know what is ‘Mankad’, Mankad is a situation when a batsman is ahead of the bowling crease before the ball is bowled then, the bowler can knock the bails and the batsman would be given out.

According to me, Mankad might be against the spirit of cricket and it should be removed. But the batsman cannot be allowed to try and get a head-start before the ball is even bowled. if the bowler’s foot is even a little ahead the crease than it is given a no-ball then why should the batsman be allowed to start running before the ball is bowled and most of the times this is overlooked as the bowlers focus on their bowling rather than checking if batsman is inside the crease or not. I think Mankad should not be allowed but if the batsman tries to get a head-start they could maybe deduct a few runs from the batting team’s total.

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