What makes Wicket-Keeper’s so innovative?

Hello & welcome. Have you ever wondered why mostly wicket-keeper’s play these innovative shots and not the other batsman so much? Let’s discuss about this today.

The wicket-keepers stand behind the stumps a whole innings, because of which they get the best chance to learn more about the pitch. The wicket-keeper’s analyze the pitch for a whole innings behind the stumps, they understand how you should play on this wicket, how is the ball coming on the bat, are there any holes in the pitch and a few more things. After the bowling innings is done, they put all this information they have gathered to some use. The wicket-keepers would feel comfortable playing innovative shots as they have understood the pitch and can predict how the ball is going to come. This is also the reason why whenever there is a decision needed to be taken by the captain they always refer the wicket-keeper. In short the wicket-keeper has a big responsibility and they are always in the game.

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