Pink, White, Red is it just the color of the ball which makes a difference?

Hi guys welcome to my second blog. Today let’s see what is the difference between the pink ball, red ball and white ball. So without wasting time, let’s get started. The pink ball is used in day/night test matches, the red ball is used in day test matches while the white ball is used in limited-overs cricket, let’s see the reasons behind this.

You must have seen the white ball in T20 or ODI cricket, if you watch carefully you will notice the white ball starts to wear and tear after a certain amount of overs, the white ball is not durable, hence, it cannot be used in test cricket. The red ball is durable and is used for test match cricket but cannot be used in day/night test cricket, this is because of it’s dark colour which causes the ball to be less visible during night. Now the pink ball is durable and has a light colour, hence it is in day/night test matches.

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