Is Umpire’s Call needed in this new era of technology?

Hello & welcome to my first blog. Today we will discuss that is umpire’s call really needed in this new era. For those who don’t know what umpire’s call is, Umpire’s Call takes place when 50% or less than 50% percent of the ball is hitting the stumps the benefit of doubt goes to the on-field umpire’s decision because of less evidence to overturn the on field-decision. However, the teams do not lose their review.

In my opinion, Umpire’s Call should not be in play because the only reason the players take the review is because they are unhappy with the umpire’s decision, secondly, if the ball is hitting 50% of the stumps then let the technology take over, with the advanced technology in the world it could surely determine whether the bails would fall off or not. If the technology still can’t determine if the bails world fall off or not, the decision should be out because in most cases the bails would fall of like a piece of paper.

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